My friend Kozmo shared this story with me:

“I’m working the street one day, and I see a father and son approaching along the path. They looked like good candidates to start building a crowd so I smiled and made eye contact, or attempted to. The father refused to meet my eye, and hustled the young man on by. As they passed I overheard the father tell the boy, ‘There is a man who has made some bad decisions.’ Here’s a guy judging me by where I chose to work, and his assumption of my station. How stupid is that?”

My neighbors are bankers, investment brokers and officers for various companies. It used to be when they found out I was an entertainer, I would eventually get ‘the lecture’. I can’t tell you how many people have gone out of their way to let me know how irresponsible it is of me to not have a ‘steady job’. Like I was neglecting my family and endangering their future by not having stability in my work. Then the recession of 2008 hit us. My neighbors with their stable jobs suddenly found themselves downsized or laid off with nowhere to really turn. My business took a hit, also .. but I had the option, training and experience to take my business outside. I went back to the street and busked for my rent and groceries. We simplified our lifestyle and made it through. Let me ask you: who had more stability and control of their future?

My point is: what you consider a weakness might just be a strength to someone else. (And Vice Versa)  Your gift is within you.

Regarding people like Kozmo and myself: we take care of our families, we get to spend a great amount of time with our loved ones. We don’t have to choose between ‘quantity vs quality’ … we get to have both. When we work, we work hard, and we are dedicated to our craft. Because we have a passion for our gift, we tend to be happier (on the average). Yes, we struggle at times. But we have been through it before, and we know that the tough times are temporary.

We made our decisions, and they were good ones.

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  1. My saying is, if you are sleeping indoors, eating three meals a day, and doing what you love, you are ahead of 99.99% of the world.

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